Commonly Asked Questions?

How is the school governed?

Nambucca Valley Christian Community School is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Nambucca Heads.

The School Board is comprised of:

* The Presbyterian Church Minister (Chairman) or his delegate
* The School Principal
* A Parents & Friends (P&F) Representative
* Up to four members nominated by the Committee of Management of the local Presbyterian Church

All members of the School Board are to have a personal faith and commitment to Christ, agree to the Confession of Faith, are committed to the Vision & Mission of the School and have undergone necessary screening for Child Protection.

The School Board is a sub-committee of the Committee of Management. The Board has particular responsibilities to the Commonwealth and State Governments as well as the Presbyterian Church.

The School Principal is responsible for the day-by-day management of the school and the outworking of policies as set by the School Board.

Is parent participation in the classroom welcomed?

Parental assistance is always welcomed in the classroom under the direction of the classroom teacher. Younger children are not permitted in the class whilst parents are helping. Parents are always required in our Literacy Programme but may also assist in Sporting Activities, Library and Special Events. 

We are blessed to have retirees from the broader community that help with our Literacy Programme also. All helpers undergo necessary screening for Child Protection and must sign-in at the Front Office.

Is attendance at the Presbyterian Church a requirement for enrolment?

No. Attendance at the local Presbyterian Church is not a requirement for enrolment. We encourage families to worship at the Church of their choice.

At present we have families who worship at a variety of Christian Churches within the Valley.  The Confession of Faith on the website is the foundation statement of the school.

Do all school families attend local churches?

No. We welcome families to be part of our school community who do not attend local churches, but who desire to have Christian Values taught to their children. These values are lived by all staff, embedded in the curriculum and encouraged in relationships, attitude and discipline.

Are fee rebates available for families?

Families seeking enrolment at NVCCS, who may find the full fee payment difficult, are encouraged to seek an appointment with the Principal prior to their application for enrolment. The school does have provision to assist families who genuinely desire a Christian-value based education for their children.

What happens if our family comes into hard times financially?

Fee rebates are available for families whose financial situation may change whilst children are enrolled at the school. Rebates must be applied for each year.

For families who undergo serious situations e.g. prolonged major illness, the School Board may offer fee relief for a period of time.

At all times communication with the School Bursar is essential so that sensitivity, confidentiality and support may be given. Fee rebate and fee relief are an expression of Christian love and support to our community.

Dates to remember



Monday 2nd to Friday 6th - Year 10 Work Experience

Monday 2nd and Tuesday 3rd - Year 11 and 12 Attend School

Tuesday 3rd - Last Day of Term 2 for Kinder to Year 9

Wednesday 4th - Year 11 and 12 Day's Leave

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th - Year 11 and 12 Attend School



Thursday 26th - Year 11 and 12 Physics Students Return

Friday 27th - Year 11 and 12 Physics Students Return

Monday 30th - Rest of School Returns for Term 3

Tuesday 31st - CSA Zone Athletics Carnival at Coffs Harbour