Principal's Welcome

Message from the Principal

In 1991, the Nambucca Valley Christian Community School (NVCCS) introduced the first Christian Community School into the Nambucca Valley.

Principal Allen SmallTwenty two years later, in 2013, NVCCS introduced the first non Government Christian High School into the Nambucca Valley.

The progress of the school in recent years has been simply amazing and means NVCCS has become the first non Government school in the Nambucca Valley to offer K-12 education on the one campus for the student’s entire life. The first cohort of Year 12 students will complete their HSC at the end of 2018.

In 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 large building projects have been undertaken for extra classrooms and specialist facilities. Planning is also underway for more growth and development.

When we look at all of these wonderful achievements during the past twenty seven years there is much room for celebration. NVCCS has wonderful, highly trained staff and is supported by an army of volunteers. Our Christian focus continues to be strong and remains the foundation for who we are and who we represent. At NVCCS, Jesus Christ is central to the vision of the school and our understanding of Him is embedded in our educational practices at every level.

“Train up a child in the way he should go, even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

NVCCS is affiliated with Christian Schools Australia (CSA) and New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) has the direct responsibility for overseeing the school's registration and accreditation. The school is accredited to teach the Primary and Secondary Curriculum as found in the various NESA documents applying from Kindergarten to Year 12 and including the HSC.
NVCCS is also a Member of the Association of Independent Schools in NSW. 

When we look back we are aware of the story that has been written by so many people; NVCCS leaders from its founders through to the current leadership team, many committed staff, volunteers and amazingly supportive families.

The school is directed by a School Board and is a ministry of the Nambucca River Presbyterian Church. The Nambucca Valley churches and community have supported the school since its early inception in 1991.

The Bible teaches that children are a blessing from the Lord. As parents we want what is best for our children. We want to provide well for them and give them good things. The choice of a school is an important decision in exercising our responsibilities as parents and should be approached with deliberate attention. We offer quality teaching on a safe, secure, caring and nurturing environment.

Together we want to create a dynamic learning environment which will assist our students to expand their academic, sporting, creative and leadership potential; and their God-given gifts. We want to equip them for a life of service to their community.

Children of all ages are taught that everything they are taught about, at any age, is the work of the Lord Jesus Christ, as the Creator of the universe. From the smallest particle of matter, to the immensity of the universe: from the first spark of life in the womb to the vast and complex history of the human race, everything children learn about in any curriculum has come from Christ and exists for Him.

At NVCCS we desire to form students who are confident to take their place in society, to make a difference for the better in terms of sustainability, cultural sensitivity and social awareness. We want to create a School which looks upwards to the God who created us, sent His Son to save us and empowers us to live from day to day. We want our students to look outwards in service to both the local community and also others in various countries around the world. We want to create a School which educates and cares for all students who walk through and in it’s doors.

Each child is treated as an individual, made in the image of God to be loved, valued and respected as a learner. Every child is encouraged to understand that they matter because of who they are as individuals, not because of how smart they are or how much they can achieve.

We teach students to be faithful in whatever they do in their school life. Encouraging faithfulness as a priority helps children learn to be positive and confident in their learning at all levels. They learn to do a good job in whatever they do. They learn to be thankful for the abilities God gives and are encouraged to share those abilities thankfully in the service of others. Such Christ centred values and perspectives last a lifetime and continually impact for good in the lives of others.

A school for parents! Parents really matter at Nambucca Valley Christian Community School: sharing with parents in the education of their children is seen as a privilege for all staff and one which we take seriously. A close working relationship between parents and teachers is a strong foundation, as we seek to teach children to be resilient, responsible and self motivated in their learning.

This all takes planning, prayer and persistence. We look forward to our parents and other supporters sharing with us to write the next chapter in the story of our future. Thanks for joining us on the NVCCS journey.

Jeff Allen, Principal

Dates to remember



Saturday 10th - Year 12 Graduation Dinner

Monday 12th - Rememberance Day Combined Assembly

Monday 19th - Year 11 Starts Compressed Courses

Tuesday 20th - LNAP Literary Visit

Thursday 22nd - AIME Mentoring Program - SCU

Friday 30th - Zone Soccer, 5-a-side, Lismore