Respect & Responsibility

Respect & Responsibility

Nambucca Valley Christian Community School takes the following actions to promote respect and responsibility:


  • Ensure all students address all adults by their correct title
  • Appreciate the culture and individual differences of other
  • Continue cooperative skills in learning and play
  • Learning more about our sponsored overseas children


 Respecting own and School property by using, maintaining and storing equipment correctly.

  • Individual ‘monitor’ service in each class
  • Being prepared for each day
  • Working cooperatively with others

NVCCS has a suite of policies and procedures which detail how students and staff should interact with one another in a Respectful and Responsible manner. The policies can be obtained upon request from the School Office.

Dates to remember



Monday 26th through to Wednesday 28th - Year 7 Echidna Gully Camp

Monday 26th through to Wednesday 28th - Year 8 Lake Ainsworth Camp

Monday 26th through to Wednesday 28th - Year 10 Work Experience

Tuesday 27th - Kaboom, Kindergarten to Year 7 Incursion

Wednesday 28th - Last Day Term 2 for Kindergarten through to Year 10