Nambucca Valley Christian Community School provides discipline which encourages the student’s individual growth to Christian maturity. The Discipline Policy is based on principles of procedural fairness in all areas of discipline including suspension and expulsion from the School.

In all matters of discipline, students are invited to state their version of events (the right to be heard). Discipline will be administered fairly and according to the seriousness of the misdemeanour.

The School encourages and uses positive forms of good and cooperative behaviour. Other forms of discipline include loss of play, loss of privileges and lunch time detentions.

In accordance with Government legislation, the School does not employ the use of corporal punishment nor does it encourage parents/carer or non-school persons to use this form of punishment as a response to a school issue.

The 2016 Parent Handbook is available upon request from the School Office.

Dates to remember



Monday 16th - HSC Begins

Monday 16th - Experience Kindy Programme Begins

Thursday 19th - Kindy Orientation Day

Thursday 26th - Grandparents' Day


Monday 6th to Friday 10th - Year 7 to Year 11 Exams

Saturday 11th - Rememberance Day

Monday 13th - Year 11 Starts 2018 Curriculum


Monday 11th - Year 6 Graduation Lunch

Monday 11th - Thanksgiving Evening

Tuesday 12th - School Party Day

Tuesday 12th - Last Day of Term Four