Year 3

In Year 3, students engage in learning activities which are specifically designed to meet the variety of needs of all students.

Lessons are based on the NSW Syllabus with a strong focus on the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy through specialised targeted programmes.

Opportunity is provided for students to progress at their own rate. Students are given extension work as required and support where needed for any learning difficulties. Students enjoy the other Key Learning Areas of History and Geography, Science and Technology, Creative Arts, Personal Development, Health and PE. They enjoy art and craft activities and using sports equipment. Some of these group based activities are learnt with Year 4 students in the afternoon to broaden the social context and learning environment.

The implementation of a ‘whole school’ approach to learning has become one of the focal areas of the new school culture. The school has implemented the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS NEXT) program as a means of assessing literacy. Year 3 students are engaged in dynamic learning with a strong emphasis on Phonemes, Phonemic Segmentation, Reading Accuracy, Comprehension and Fluency.

In 2014 the school introduced the Spelling Mastery program to cater to individual spelling needs and The Reading Mastery program  which involves the whole school being assessed and placed in groups of students within the same level  and supported through direct instruction.

Assessment takes place throughout the year and specifically takes place twice a year using the NSW Literacy and Numeracy Continuums. The Learning In Early Numeracy (LIEN) assessment tool is used to assist measure students’ numeracy skills.

The School community is well supported by parents, grandparents and volunteers from both the School and the wider Christian community. Volunteers are integrated into the school in the areas of school in the areas of Reading (MINILIT, MULTILIT and one on one reading).

Students also learn from the Bible each day in order to gain an understanding of God's great love for them. Students are expected to treat others in a caring and respectful way, learning to consider others before themselves.


Our mathematics lessons are based on the current Board of Studies Teaching and Education Standards documents and we cover all the relevant topics and skills that we are expected to teach. The "Go Maths" program opens student's minds to a variety of strategies for problem solving that the children then practise and master.


The Physical Education component of this learning area is varied and exciting and caters for different interests and ability levels. The children will have opportunity during the year to engage in :- bush dance, endurance training, fundamental movement skills, skipping, aerobics or boot camp, swimming carnival, soccer, volleyball, athletics, touch football, fencing, hockey, basketball, t-ball and cricket as well as coaching opportunities that arise during the year.


Science is taught as a subject where we discover the beauty and awe of the Creator God who made it all. The topics the children cover during this year include:- Mini-Worlds, Material World, Our Australia and Eating Out.

Visual Arts

The children engage in artistic activities under the headings of:- Insects and Dragons, Texture and Colour, History and Eating Out. The children share some exciting and interesting experiences where they explore some different media and learn to express their ideas with freedom and enthusiasm.


A biblical perspective is discussed and how God has used and uses ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary plans and purposes.

Dates to remember



Saturday 10th - Year 12 Graduation Dinner

Monday 12th - Rememberance Day Combined Assembly

Monday 19th - Year 11 Starts Compressed Courses

Tuesday 20th - LNAP Literary Visit

Thursday 22nd - AIME Mentoring Program - SCU

Friday 30th - Zone Soccer, 5-a-side, Lismore