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NVCCS provides a wonderful music programme meeting all curriculum requirements in a fun, interactive and engaging way.

In Primary we use the 'Upbeat ' and 'Ready to go' music programs for primary and extend this by using IT programs such as 'BBC Musical Mysteries' and 'Kids meet the Orchestra'.

Music Presentation2Students participate with hands on experience of percussion, recorder, chime bars and singing/movement consolidating and extending knowledge in beat, rhythm, pitch, tempo and dynamics.

All students enjoy learning through games such as musical freeze, rhythm echo, dog and bone (rhythm cards).

There is a also a Primary Choir for students.

In High School there is a Jazz Band, Instrumental Ensemble, Recorder Consort, Secondary Choir, Junior Choir and Electro 7.

Each year performance opportunities are given. Class items are also arranged for the end of year Thanksgiving Night and school musicals. 

music-celloThe High School Music programme has a large variety of opportunities to develop God given talents and abilities.

Music Tuition

NVCCS offers private music tuition during school hours.

The lessons are planned on a rotating roster so the student does not miss out on the same lesson twice during the term.

Twice a year, the students have an opportunity to gather together and perform for their families and friends and showcase the talents God has given them.


Dates to remember



Saturday 10th - Year 12 Graduation Dinner

Monday 12th - Rememberance Day Combined Assembly

Monday 19th - Year 11 Starts Compressed Courses

Tuesday 20th - LNAP Literary Visit

Thursday 22nd - AIME Mentoring Program - SCU

Friday 30th - Zone Soccer, 5-a-side, Lismore